"Fight Until You Can't..." Herx & EBV Update

This won't make much sense if you haven't read my previous post on what I've been dealing with this past month, so I'll wait while you go read that first... What the Herx! {13th April - 17th May}
Okay so now you're back & caught up, I'll fill you in on the past couple of days;
Thursday, I took my required drop of EBV in the morning & within an hour the now familiar aching in my lower back arrived with its new best friend tingling & throughout the day they came & went. My pain was increased, as was my exhaustion & nausea, along with every other M.E symptom you can think of.  I was also getting a sharp pain in the side of my head, it would only last about 10 minutes each time but it kept coming throughout the day & would switch sides just to throw me off. Small Herxes are still Herxes.
There were also a lot of tears this day, something I rarely do or admit to. I'm usually pretty good at keeping it all together & happy despite what I have to deal with daily. But this past month has broken me & I can feel my body giving up, it's exhausted, I'm exhausted & I felt like with each drop of the EBV I was continuing to overdose myself. 

Image Source: Instagram
By 8:30pm I was very done with the day & my mum helped me to bed. As I tried to discuss what I should do & how this treatment was affecting me, physically & mentally, I began to struggle to talk. One of my "over done it" signs is slurred speech, stammering & stuttering but this was something else! This was worse! The only thing I could get out of my mouth at one point was "I can't speak." I had words in my head but my brain just couldn't make the necessary connections to my vocal cords & mouth to enable me to speak them.
Eventually I managed to get out what I wanted to say but incredibly slowly, each sentence full of stutters, repeats of words & pauses to give my brain a chance to do its thing. It was so frustrating & thank goodness my mum knows me so well that she can finish my sentences!
If I wasn't on the EBV, then I would think I was at the start of a big M.E flare or even a relapse. I'm getting the smaller less common symptoms I haven't had in a while, along with a worsening of my usual daily ones. I decided I needed to stop the EBV. I don't think I gave my body enough time to recover from the severe Herx I had & I think there's a lot of it still in my system, along with the toxins released from the dying virus, & staying on it, even one drop a day, is just adding to the problem & making me worse. Damn Hyper Sensitivity!
It's a horrible feeling to feel like you're giving up & failed, especially when giving up isn't something you normally do. I've been someone who has kept going, coped & dealt with whatever this illness & the treatments I'm having have thrown at me. I've learnt to live with the pain, exhaustion & all the other symptoms of M.E. So this feeling of defeat is horrible but I just can't fight anymore, my body needs a break. So even though I feel like I'm giving up, I know deep down this is the right decision.
I explained all this to my Specialist in a message Thursday night & Friday was my first day off the EBV. All my M.E symptoms are still here in an increased state, I'm waking up in more pain than my normal & my nervous system is still tingling away more than it usually does. I'm utterly exhaustified {exhaustion personified!} & although I usually pull all dayers, I'm allowing myself to sleep if I need to. I don't wake up feeling any better, I usually wake trembling & feeling worse. But sleep can allow your body to use energy to help heal itself, which it can't do while you're awake. I'm still getting a sharp pain in my head throughout the day & I'm also getting a bit of pain in the same side as my liver. Breathing feels like an effort at some point & I keep getting a slightly heavy feeling on my chest. Basically I'm a wreck! The only thing that has decreased slightly is the nausea.
My speech is still frustratingly bad & the phone call with my specialist on Friday was hard to get through, for us both I imagine. My reaction is still baffling the people that make EBV & my Specialist said "You're one in a million, which can be good but not in is case." He also gave me a little pep talk, as did my mum, which I needed. I just hope in the coming days, with plenty of rest my speech becomes more normal again. I mean I'm not the most talkative person, I am better in print, but I'd still like it if I didn't have to take a good few minutes to ask for a cup of tea!
I've spoken with my Specialist again today & since my body was so overloaded with EBV, which has then caused the virus to flood my body with toxins, the plan of action now is to detox my body as quickly & as effectively as we can. This is why I can not speak properly, the toxins are effecting my brain & seem to have caused the disconnect. This whole experience has scared me & now not being able to speak properly is scaring me even more.  I just hope in time & with the detox treatment plan I'm going on, my speech will return to normal.

Image source: Pintrest
Regarding the EBV, at this moment I'm not sure I will try it again, even once it's all completely out of my system & the toxins are gone. The response my immune system has had is very similar to that of someone with an Autoimmune Disease & it's not something I want to go through again. I know the next time might be different but it might not & I'm not sure I want to put myself through this again.
So right now, I'm just willingly myself to keep going, keep fighting & reminding myself that stopping this medication is the right thing to do for me & I haven't let myself down or disappointed anyone else. The response my body has is completely out of my control. But at least I've tried it, it hasn't worked out & that's okay. My priority is to rest & take care of myself & do whatever is necessary to help my body heal after the ordeal it's been through. This means I may not be about on social media as much, just until I begin to feel better.
I hope you're all as well as possible & taking care.
L x

What the Herx! {13th April - 17th May}

{Firstly, I'm not recommending any homeopathic medication or any treatments in this post, I'm simply sharing what has happened to me. If you do want to know more about this medication, then please feel free to email me & I'll tell you more. Secondly, this is a pre-warning that this is a long post as this documents what I've been dealing with over the past month. It took me a while to write & the brain fog didn't help, thank goodness for autocorrect!}

During my April Bioresonance Appointment, my Specialist told me about a homeopathic medicine that he had been trailing for the past 9 months with a few of his other patients that also have M.E & he'd seen some good results with it. He didn't use me as part of his trial was because I was simply too sick & weak to handle anything new. However, he thought I might be okay with it now as I'd been doing better He gave me the details of the company & the person selling it & the next day my mum very kindly ordered it for me. While I waited for them to arrive, we had an email detailing down the medication, {Lymphatic System Liquescence, Adrenal Liquescence & EBV, which targets Epstein Barr Virus} & the dosage of each of them.

Here's how the next few weeks or so went while trying these medications:

Thursday 13th April - Thursday 20th April
Following the dosage given in the email, I began taking the medications. Because the EBV targets & kills Epstein Barr Virus, it was recommended to take the lower dose of 5 drops for a few days, then 5 drops twice a day & then after a few days, up it to 7 drops twice a day. I aired on the side of caution because my body is so sensitive to basically everything {well it feels that way!} So I decided to take the 5 drops once a day but up the dosage a lot slower, so I did a week at this dose.

Besides the nausea that came from initially taking them, everything seemed fine, I seemed okay on them. Looking back now, I should have paid much more attention & realised the increase in pain & tingling I was experiencing wasn't just simply a few bad M.E days.
One of the few Sunsets I saw during my Herx week.
Friday 21st April - Saturday 22nd April

After a busy Thursday, I was dealing with Post Excursion Malaise {PEM}, so my pain & exhaustion levels were quite high. However, I carried on with the medication & had now decided {thinking all was okay} to up the dose of the EBV to 5 drops twice a day.

My pain & tingling was still bad but Saturday I wasn't feeling as bad & felt the PEM was easing a bit. I even managed to potter around my room, tidying it up & sorting out a few little jobs that I'd put off or wasn't well enough to do the previous week. Again I took the EBV 5 drops, twice & put the pain & tingling I was feeling down the PEM & M.E.

Sunday 24th April

I woke up Sunday feeling pretty rough; I had a really sore throat & one of my glands was up. I had that feeling of dread that only someone with a chronic illness knows when they think they're coming down with a "normal person" illness. As the day went on, I felt worse, but I took my required doses of EBV & at 9pm onwards things got extremely bad...

I began feeling incredibly ill & my pain level throughout the night was getting worse, by 11pm it was reaching a 9 on the pain scale! The worse pain was in my lower back & my head. The pain, especially in my back felt like someone was constantly drilling into me, I had a hot water bottle on my back to try to help ease the pain & had my room pitch black as I couldn't stand the light. I felt like my entire body was swollen but on the inside with no visible signs of what was going on on the outside. I was also getting rushes of tingling throughout my body, almost like I had pins & needles everywhere.

I could feel my heart beating so fast & every breath was taking so much energy that I had to keep reminding myself to simply breathe. I'm very use to getting on with whatever my health & body throw at me, I've thankfully not had too many scary moments health wise. But that night, I was incredibly scared. In between telling myself to breathe, I was frantically trying to figure out what was going on & what could be causing this; the PEM from my busy Thursday had eased so I didn't think it was that. Then my mum simply said "Could it be the EBV or one of the other Liquescence? They're the only thing new."

I suddenly remembered while watching one of Sophia Galpin's vlogs about her antibiotic treatment for Lyme Disease. She spoke about something called a Herx & how she was experiencing them with the treatment she was having because it was killing off the viruses & bacteria that cause Lyme. I somehow managed to look Herxing on my phone & realised that that's what I was now experiencing.

For those that don't know, a Herx or Herxing is the informal name for the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction. It is believed to occur when injured or dead bacteria release their endotoxins into the blood and tissues faster than the body can comfortably handle it. This provokes a sudden and exaggerated inflammatory response. This response sets your body's system off, especially your liver & kidneys, to deal with the toxins & to flush them out of your body as quickly as it can. It's almost like a final revenge as the virus or bacteria dies.

Although it's horrible to experience, Herxing is actually a good thing, it means the medication is working but sometimes at a rate that the body struggles to handle. Looking back now, I realise I had been having smaller Herx reactions from day one of starting the EBV {the other two medications are more like supplements} but I'd simply thought it was just my M.E having little flares.
My Boys Rarely Left Me While I was So Ill.
Monday 25th April - Tuesday 2nd May

After figuring out what may be happening to me, in the early hours of Monday, I messaged my specialist to ask him if this medication could cause a Herx. I don't remember much after that, just feeling like my body was shutting down in a way & I could barely keep my eyes open. In fact all of Monday was spent mostly sleeping or trying to hold a conversation on the phone to my specialist. He had reached the same conclusion as me, that I was having a Herx, although no one that he'd had on his trial had reacted like this; they'd had no reaction at all. He'd also been in touch with the Rep of the company that make the EBV & she'd not heard of anyone Herxing while taking it, in fact even the owner of the company hadn't come across anyone that had reacted the way I had! I'm a medical marvel! Haha! Basically,  we had completely underestimated just how sensitive I am & I was told stop taking it immediately.

The rest of this week was pretty much a right off. I felt like my body was using every single drop of energy it had to deal with getting rid of the toxins & I felt so weak. The pain in my lower back & my head were pretty bad most of the week, I couldn't stand much noise & being on any tech was a no go for the most part. I could barely sit up for long for the first half of the week, in fact I could sit up for the time it took to eat a slice of toast just so I could get my painkillers in me & then I'd have to lie down again.

From Thursday {28th} I began to feel like things were easing off a little & I could begin to sit up more & was able to read a bit. By Sunday/Monday, {31st/1st} I was beginning to feel a bit stronger but I was still being quite careful not to do anything, I knew my body needed every ounce of energy it could get. My specialist was on the phone or messaging me pretty much every day checking up on me, which I really appreciated & having the reminder that this was in the long run a good thing, really helped.
Herx Recovery Reading Material
Wednesday 3rd May

This was the day of my Specialist appointment & thankfully I felt just about well enough to travel & get there. I had no intentions of missing this one, as I needed to know what was going on & felt like my body needed some intensive Bioresonance treatment to help restore it after what it had just been through. During the appointment, my specialist checked how sensitive I am to the EBV medication; 1 drop I was okay with, 2 drop was too strong {I'd basically overdosed my poor body starting on 5!} So the plan was then made for me to start back in 1 drop, monitor closely how I was for a week & then if all was okay, to slowly try upping the dose. This method is hopefully going to desensitise my body to it.

I started this last week {8th-14th} & even on 1 drop I was essentially having mini herxes but as the week progressed, the strength & amount of time I was experiencing them was lessening. So under the guidance of my Specialist, I went to 1 drop twice a day on Monday {15th} & did the same Tuesday {16th}. My reaction to the second drop on Monday wasn't good, the pain & tingling was back stronger & lasting longer. Tuesday's reaction was even worse & I was feeling incredibly ill, experiencing flushes of tingling throughout the day & by night after my second drop, the nausea was bad too.

So here we are, Wednesday 17th May & I'm back down to 1 drop per day. I'll admit, I'm feeling defeated & mentally I'm struggling. I'm having to keep a close eye on all my symptoms & write everything down, which isn't a nice thing to have to do. I've never liked or kept a long term symptoms journal because of how it affects me mentally. But at the moment, it's a necessary evil as I'm having to give my Specialist daily updates & having it all in writing is helping with that. I've treated myself to a new notebook to make this process a little bit nicer. I mean who doesn't love new Stationery!?
New Symptoms Notebook!
Also I'm feeling pretty exhausted after dealing with yesterday, plus I had an appointment earlier in the day so feeling a bit of PEM from that. But these things take time & I'm use to having to take things slower & things not working out as planned thanks to my hyper sensitive body. Although I am feeling somewhat defeated, that doesn't mean I'm giving up on this. I'm going to persevere because in the long run, the EBV will help me feel better & that's all I want.

So that's basically what I've been dealing with this past month & why I haven't been posting as much on here & my social media. I'm sharing this because if it hadn't been for Sophia Galpin sharing her experience of the treatment she is having, then I wouldn't have figured out as quickly what was wrong with me. So if my experience helps someone else, as her did me, then this is all worth it in the end.

I hope you're all as well as can be & taking care,

 L xxx

Weekend Away: The Photography Show

I recently headed to Birmingham {UK} for a break away. Now Birmingham may not be at the top of the list for many as somewhere to visit but as The Photography Show was on at the NEC, it was the perfect choice for me. In fact The Photography Show was the main reason I was there, the show ran from Saturday 18th - Tuesday 21st March & we were there for Saturday & Sunday.

I set off on Friday lunchtime with my ever faithful traveling companion, my mum, & after 3 hours or so down the M6, we arrived at our hotel around 5pm. We ordered room service, showered & fell into our beds for not the best nights sleep {neither of us slept great for the entire weekend} I don't sleep great at the best of times but I'm even worse when I'm not in my own bed & the air conditioner bothers my poor mum, so she struggled. But that aside, we had a lovely weekend away!

The good thing about this show is that it's open from 10am - 5pm {A far cry from the person who use to do 6am-midnight 5 days at the Horse of the Year Show!} & MCM Comic Con is on at the same time so there's plenty of great photo ops; I regret not having my camera out as I walked into the NEC on Saturday as there were a number of Stormtroopers wandering around!

The first day at the show mainly consisted of a number of talks we wanted to listen to, perhaps too many, as I had to head back to the hotel at 3pm as I felt so unwell, missing most of the pro masterclass I had paid for & missing out on meeting a few photographers I know via Twitter. Despite that, I did tick a couple things off my small shopping list, {I upgraded my Nikon D3200 to the D7200}, listened to the wonderful Andrew Appleton give a talk/demo on Dance Photography & the fascinating talk by Ben Cherry about following the Bewick Swans from Russia to Europe & the roll Expedition Photography played in that.

Saturday was also filled with pride, happiness & excitement as I saw one of my photographs on display as part of Loxley Colour's The People's Gallery. {I may or may not have been fighting back the happy tears when I saw my shot of Jacob the Starling!} It was such a privilege to see my photograph surrounded by so many amazing photographers work, many of whom I know!

"Jacob" on display in The People's Gallery
The extra rest I had Saturday definitely helped get me through Sunday. I also made sure I had my camera out as I approached the NEC & I'm so glad I did, as I managed to get a shot of some Jedi! There wasn't as many talks we wanted to listen to, so I had a good break in the afternoon, which I used to go back to my hotel for lunch. Plus all but one of the talks were at the Nikon School Stage, so I didn't have to rush from one stage to another {like Saturday} The last talk of the day was at the Mobile & Social Media Stage {think that's what it was called} & it was all about iphonography/phone photography Although I'm definitely a DSLR user, it inspired me to start using my iPhone to take photos again.

More Force Needed!
I also picked up a couple more pieces of kit, including a 50mm prime lens & spare battery {which I traded my old nikon camera against, sad but happy times} & a roller travel case {carry-on size} for my camera kit, this was a "not on the list" item but packing for this trip made me realise I needed one! Also being the bookworm I am, I had to stop at the ilex camera book stand & pick up a couple of books. Sunday ended in the same way the other days had; shower, room service & not much sleep.

Monday was our leaving day, we had an incredibly relaxing/quiet breakfast {we were in a dinning room with only 4 other people!} which was just what I needed. Since I had packed pretty much everything the night before, I could rest up longer until we had to checkout at 12pm. I did have a wander down to the Hotel's Costa for a hot chocolate & took a few photographs of the lobby to try out my new camera & lens a bit more. The weather & myself weren't up to going for a wander outside to the nearby Lake, which I did last year. Not long after 12pm our lift home arrived & after 3 or so hours back up the M6, I crawled into my bed & snuggled up with my cats.

hotel Lobby Life

Despite spending all of last week {and parts of this week} dealing with the after effects {PEM} that comes from going away & doing so much, I enjoyed every moment at the show & being away. I'm still not fully recovered from my trip but since last Friday I've attempted a couple of things just to test out what I'm able to do/not do as to where my PEM level is & how long it'll take to ease off completely.

It can be so frustrating paying so severely for the things you want to do, which is why you have to make sure that the things you use your precious energy on are completely worth it to you & don't ever let anyone make you feel guilty for what you spend your energy on!

So to sum up, I had a fabulous time away, a holiday I definitely needed after a rough 6 months health-wise!

I hope you're all doing well & taking care,

L x

{If you want to see more of the photographs I took while away, then head over to my photography Instagram: l.e.sphotography }

Guest Post: Donna Owens ~ Yoga, My Bed & M.E.

Since I was away last weekend & spent the week recovering {I will write about that} I thought I'd share a guest post written by the lovely Donna Owens who owns Yoga, My Bed & M.E. I have a couple of Donna's Yoga guides & really do help my poor tired body!
Here's Donna's inspiring story...
Since I fell with M.E. in my teens way back in the 1990s, the one thing that kept me sane through the endless days of being house bound or bed-ridden was stretching to ease the pains in my legs and body, to help my body feel awake even if my mind was on another planet. I would take a pillow and hug it tight while bending forward on my bed with my legs out-stretched, it was my go to place to find relief and comfort, most times I would be awake at 3am and do this pose, tears rolling down my cheek, exhausted as I wanted sleep, cuddling my pillow tight to try and get some rest.
I didn’t know of Yoga at the time or the fact I was kind of doing a Yoga pose, I just knew stretching was a massive sigh of relief to my mind and body, I felt more open, lighter, warmer and cheerful, even if it was just a few hours. If I didn’t do any stretching for a few days my body would crave it, and I found aches and pains would feel worse, my shoulders, neck would feel rounded and my whole body felt as though it was shrivelling up and turning to stone; stretching was the antidote.
At 19, I finally found `proper` Yoga. I got a book and some videos, if I am honest I most likely wanted the body that came from yoga, M.E. was then was manageable, I was living with it rather than it controlling my life, as I was told Yoga was great for health I thought I would go for it. I thought the more I did, the healthier I would get, my ego wanted the pretzel legs and lean limbs. I wanted to feel great in my own skin for the first time, trying to catch up on missed years going out with friends. The Yoga videos and eventually DVDs (mum took a while to get with the times!) were all the 90's fitness craze!
The one problem for a M.E. sufferer - they were all power fitness workout Yoga! But I pushed through them, most days repeating to myself “it`s Yoga, it’s great for health.” You can guess what happened? Soon enough the M.E. kicked in and I was back to square one; in bed with legs out stretched cuddling my pillow with tears rolling down my cheek. I learnt I had to work the Yoga that I loved around my M.E. and not the other way around and that’s what I did on and off for next 12 years.
Then, after living a healthy 12 years out of the blue came my biggest relapse ever! It hit me just like that, no trigger, no warning, no nothing. The frustrating part was the fact I couldn’t think of anything that could have brought this on, as well this time around I was an adult, with work, a home and a daughter to look after and keep making rest and a short recovery near impossible. I took my broken body to bed and switched off from everything for a while. After lots of tears and worrying, I released all the negative emotions and started to think clearly and productively. I wrote everything down, the good, the bad and the ugly and soon pieced together a way I could make this all work. I was already a qualified Yoga therapist, I had years of M.E. experience, I always wanted to tell my story and help other people with the illness so, that’s what I did!
I set up my own business: Yoga, My Bed & M.E. to help and share my story via social media. I had no idea where it would lead, between M.E. days, posting, making friends and writing my book it all fell into place like it was all meant to be. I realised, I was meant to get this bad relapse to knock me off my feet to find my place in the world. To re-learn the illness, the dos and don`ts, the hard times to understand, and being able to modify Yoga poses so that they were easy on the body for M.E. warriors, as I spent years doing yoga on my bed. It was only right that I made all Yoga poses to be safe and which could be done on the bed, this way the body was supported, energy was saved from not having to stand or even get up for those who spent long hours in bed. Pillows and blankets could be used to support joints. After all these years, with Yoga still being popular, I was shocked that there was still hardly nothing suitable for M.E. which was attainable for the bad days as well as the good (ish) days.
So, here we are, one year later. Six Yoga guides, over 2,000 followers, a 5-star Amazon book, Yoga poster and a new YouTube channel! It’s been an amazing year, despite it being my worst year for M.E. But now I look to my illness as my business partner, guiding me and helping me to create ways to help and support others around the world and I couldn’t be more happier.
So, if you feel that there is no hope, stop, listen and believe as there are moments of magic in life!
Here's where you can find Donna on the interwebs:
Buy Donna's book on Amazon

Bath Time 2.0

Back in 2013 I wrote about this great idea I'd had about taking baths to try to help relax me. {click here to read}  However, it didn't take long though for me to stop "relaxing" in the tub & the number of baths I took became less as the weeks went on. The main reason was because I was in so much pain that I couldn't relax or get comfy. Back then I had days where even my bed didn't feel comfy, so there was no way a bathtub was going to be.

However, over the past year, my pain levels have lessened but my ability to relax is still rubbish & for someone who has M.E & struggles with anxiety, that isn't a good thing. So I revisited the bath situation & this time, with the help of some great LUSH products, it's been a bit more successful. So I thought I'd share a few of my favourite bath products with you, to hopefully give you some inspiration if you're looking for a way to enjoy having a bath a bit more, especially if you're a poorly person struggling to relax & enjoy them.

First up is the bath bomb, Twilight

This is my favourite bath bomb & scent that LUSH make as I absolutely adore the scent of lavender, I find it so relaxing & comforting. Having a bath in the evening using this will definitely help you have a decent nights sleep. Another plus to this product is that along with Lavender Oil, it also contains Benzoin Resinoid; amongst other things, it has natural anti inflammatory properties which help soothe aching muscles, which is great for people with M.E & similar chronic illnesses. {Read more about Benzoin Resinoid}

My second favourite is the bubble bar, French Kiss

Using this gives a lovely amount of bubbles for your bath & like Twilight, French Kiss is packed with Lavender. It smells glorious & the extra virgin coconut oil in it leave your skin feeling so lovely & soft. There's also Thyme oil in this product which is a natural antiseptic & disinfectant. According to the LUSH site, "Thyme acts as a natural tranquiliser as it contains carvacrol which has a tonic effect on the nerve centres", another benefit for those of us with an on edge nervous system! {Read more about Thyme here}

Another "go-to" product I like to use is the Bunch Of Carrots
I try to stock up on this one as it's only available at this time of year.

I won't witter on about this one as I did write a post on these last year {Click to read my post} These are nice to use along with Twilight if I'm especially achy & have a bath to try & help relax my muscles & nervous system.

Those three are my main bath products, but I do on occasion use, as a luxury treat, the bath melt Ceridwen's Cauldron Ceridwen's Cauldron

I definitely recommend this one if you have dry & sensitive skin. It's full of Oats & Oat Milk which help soothe the skin & what I really like about this is after the product has fully melted, you can use the Muslim bag to wash your skin & get the best out of the Oat Milk.

I also finally tried the Unicorn Horn this week {I know I'm super late to the party on this one!}

Sadly it's only available around the beginning of February {it's not on the LUSH website anymore} & I only have one left so it'll be used on a very special occasion. My first impression is that it is lovely & I wish I'd try this sooner. The only negative is that, unlike Twilight & French Kiss which leave you smelling of lavender, I found the scent didn't linger for long, though this might be because the one I used, I'd had for a very long time so this might change with the newer one.

So those are just a few of the products that I like to use to help me to relax in the bath & they all have ingredients that help ease a few of the symptoms of my condition. If you have another bath products, LUSH or otherwise that you find helpful, please let me know.

Oh before I go, can we just take a moment to appreciate the prettiness of this LUSH bag, I think it's a nicest one I've got & I really don't want to throw it away!

Hope you're all taking care & doing well.

L x

YooHoo Mail

I'm a huge stationery lover. If I didn't have good self-control {I mean if I had lots of money, I don't have much control when it comes to stationery} I'd have so many notebooks, pens, pencils & all things stationery, that I'd need a room just to put it all in! So when I randomly came across an advert from YooHoo Mail on Facebook back in October, I was just a little curious & did what I normally don't do with Facebook adverts...

I hit the link & discovered a lovely world of Stationery Subscription Boxes!

Now there seems to be a subscription box for everything now a days, most of them are beauty related, which as someone who has too many slightly varying shades of red lipstick {if there is such a thing as too many red lipsticks} & skin that is so beyond sensitive, I don't see the point in subscribing to something that I'm likely not going to be able to use. But the YooHoo Mail Subscription box... Now that was something I could totally get into without a skin allergy as a side affect!


YooHoo Mail is run by Gemma & each month she designs the most gorgeous stationery & although she's based in the U.K, she can ship worldwide. I'm not sure about international delivery costs, but shipping is free for the U.K. The stationery is wrapped so nicely, you can tell Gemma really takes pride in her business.

The great thing about YooHoo Mail is that you have the option of buying a one off box for £10 or get a 3 months subscription for £30. Each box contains a great amount of different products which vary each month but usually includes any of the following:

  • Greetings Cards
  • Co-ordinating Envelopes
  • Art Prints
  • Notecards/Postcards
  • Planner pages
  • To Do Lists
  • Gift Tags
  • Recipe Cards
  • Menu Blanks and Place Settings

It's such amazing value for money, especially since now a days a lovely card & envelope can set you back between £3 - £5! Getting around 5 beautiful, any occasion, good quality cards plus lots more for only £10 is fabulous! Each months box is themed & all the products are based around that. The boxes I've bought so far have been the "Scandi", "Sweet Little Stories" & "Happy Hello".

It's nice that with each box, I'm building up a good selection of greetings cards {a number of which I've already sent} because as someone who has to mainly rely on others to take me to shop, having a number of cards & extras delivered to my door, means I can write & send cards without having to pester someone to first go to the shop to choose a card.

If you have a nosey on the YooHoo Mail site, you'll notice that there's not just the subscription boxes to buy. Gemma also has Monogram Art Prints {£12.50} & Pin badges {£4.50}

Telephone Pin Badge
If I've peeked your interest, then you can head to www.yoohoohq.co.uk & take a look at what's on offer. I also recommend following YooHoo Mail on social media as this, along with signing up for the newsletter is the best way to know when the new boxes or products are available & to also get a sneak peek at what the box contains. {Instagram, Twitter & Facebook}

So if you love stationery & enjoying sending cards & letters to your friends, then this is definitely the subscription box for you!

I hope you're all doing well & taking care,

L x

Room Tour

Having somewhere as your safe haven, where you feel cosy & comfortable is important. We all need somewhere to retreat to when we need time alone or when we're not having a good health day. For most people this space is their bedroom, I know it's mine & it always has been.

At the end of last year, after, I'm not sure how many years {yeah it's been that long} I decided to redecorate my little safe haven & I thought I'd give you a room tour of sorts. I don't have a before picture of my room but my colour scheme was cream & brown with red to add some colour. I liked how my room was but it was looking tired {like its inhabitant} & definitely ready for a change. I was very ready a change & since I didn't want a drastic change, like cutting off my hair, {I love my long hair} I decided the next best thing to change was the surroundings I stare at the most & need to find the most cosy & comfortable, my bedroom.

I've linked everything, {like my furniture & any other bits that I've bought new} at the end of the post so if you see something that catches your eye, you know where to find it. If there's something you see but I haven't linked, just ask & I'll let you know where it's from.

Welcome to my room!

Bedside Drawers

Finally have a desk again!
Copper Clock & Personal Planner

Fancy Tube Chair
Drawers for my photo kit, other tech & general stuff.

Lens Box, Light Jar & Camera moneybox

Bookcase & Cat stuff

Copper & wood LED Lantern


DVD collection & my lovely drawing of McKay by @chloeclik

More books
Yankee Candle: Sweet & Salty Caramel. Best.Smelling.Candle.EVER!

Drawers for clothes
Box of brushes, make-up, another Jar light & Fish!
TV Unit
Copper Lamp Shade

Curtains & Wallpaper
Bedspreads, throws & pillows make a bed much more cosy & warm!

New additions: Aloe Vera & Philaenopsis Orchid

New addition: Derek, the Sox Monkey. A gift from my mum for passing my photo course.
It's amazing what a change of scenery can do, especially when you're a poorly person, like me & spend many, many days staring at the same four walls a lot. Redecorating my room is like someone going off on holiday because they need a change. It's made my safe haven feel cosy & comfortable again.

If you're feeling ready for a change of scenery, but can't go away, then try changing a few things in your current surroundings, you may find that helps make you feel cosy in your surroundings again. Sometimes all you need is a new cosy blanket, fluffy socks, new pj's & maybe even a new mug to drink your tea from. I know those things help me & they may help you too.

I hope you're all doing well & taking care.

L x

Wallpaper  Grey Duvet Set  Candle  Lantern  Clock

Teddy Bear Throw  Bedspread  Curtains  Lamp  Lamp Shade

Nordic 5+2 Drawer Chest  Nordic 3 Drawer Bedside Chest

Nordice 6+6 Drawer Chest  Desk  Tube Chair

Maine Bookcase  Maine T.V Unit  Multi Purpose Wooden Pet Den